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Just who are you?


                                               I'm glad you asked!


My name is Todd Napper and I'm a voice talent based out of the Fort Worth area of the great state of Texas. (yup I'm one of those crazy "everything is bigger and better in Texas" people!)

I've been married a little over 2 years to the love of my life and together we have one of the cutest 1 year olds you'll ever see or meet. But, you're not here to learn about all of that, now are you? (Though if you are I'd be HAPPY to tell you more about them!)

No, you're probably here to see why in the WORLD, out of allllllll the voice talents in the world, should you hire me?

That is a legitimate question! Let me see if I can help you with that.

My highest priorities are not only offering top quality recordings, but to also offer top quality customer service as well.

I've been actively pursuing a voice over career for a little over a year now and even though I am new to the industry, I have had plenty of experience in acting, theater and public speaking. I have also had plenty experience in customer service and pulling from all these experiences have helped me create a business mindset of doing what ever it takes to get the exact voice AND customer experience you are looking for!

I have my own personal studio where I can deliver projects in a fast, timely manner. But not only can I have a quick turn around, my studio is also equipped with equipment that meets all industry standards of quality.

It's my belief that with my top of the line studio and my high quality customer service, that I will be the PERFECT voice for what ever project you may have. Just give me half a chance.

Click the "contact now!" button and just see what I can do for you!

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